Safety measures

Oil and gas drilling projects are highly complex, as the raw materials are primarily to be found at great depths. Extreme pressure and temperature conditions tend to prevail at such depths. The equipment used to recover these raw materials is itself also exposed to a wide variety of environmental influences, whether on land or at sea.

Safety is an ever-present factor on our drilling rigs and is the basis of every activity. We take comprehensive safety measures and precautions to minimise possible risks in our drilling and production activities.

Qualified personnel

Deutsche Erdoel employs qualified personnel for the operation of its drilling and production facilities. The team works according to international standards and is familiar with the handling of the equipment. Responsible engineers and the supervisory personnel are regularly trained in order to detect problems immediately and to respond appropriately. All employees are trained on the topics of environmental protection and health and safety at work.

Management system helps to assess risks and crises precisely

With the aid of a crisis management system, it is possible to subject various scenarios and risks to a crisis potential analysis. Probabilities are calculated and precise preventive measures are found for the crisis management team. Action plans and emergency response plans are available to the employees, so that they can respond quickly and safely to every eventuality. An notification system, in operation 24/7, is used to alert the crisis management team in an emergency.

Deutsche Erdoel employees are thoroughly prepared for the operational implementation of the emergency plans by means of practical safety exercises.

Safety for contractors and in material selection

The high safety levels of our facilities are based on materials and services that meet out strict quality, safety and environmental standards. The specifications for suppliers and contractors are produced accordingly. Possible weaknesses are continuously analysed and improvements are defined and implemented.

Supervision by competent authorities

All mining activities conducted by Deutsche Erdoel are checked by the competent authorities before being carried out. Any conditions imposed by the authorities are passed on to the responsible employees, as well as Deutsche Erdoel contractors, in order to guarantee their reliable implementation. Work does not begin until official approval has been given. Additional project monitoring by Deutsche Erdoel supplements the official supervision, thus further enhancing safety.