Protection of soil and water resources

Deutsche Erdoel undertakes a wide range of construction-related and operational measures for the conservation and protection of soil and water resources. These include the shielding of the environment by means of special catchment tanks and monitoring facilities. Particularly high safety standards are applied in the carriage of salt water and condensates by road tanker.

Water pollution control stricter than the statutory requirements

One outstanding objective of the Deutsche Erdoel is the avoidance of water pollution. To achieve this a wide range of water pollution control measures are defined in the planning phase, before any kind of activity is carried out. The legal provisions for the prevention of water pollution are complied with, and in-house anti-pollution measures are also defined. All the water arising in the course of gas and oil production is diverted to a specifically appropriate disposal path. 

Recultivation of the environment

Following exhaustion of the reservoir and the end of operations, Deutsche Erdoel restores the areas that it has used. All wells are filled in under the control of the supervisory authority, pipes are dismantled and sites are made useable again. Renaturation ensures that no damage resulting from the production activities remains.

The pipes in the well are cut and extracted. The cement is introduced into the well in several sections. This seals the various strata in the soil from one another, from the groundwater and from the surface.

The central field stations are cleared and recultivated after activity has finished. Pipelines and cables are also removed, provided that they are of no further use to other parties. The recultivated areas are then handed back to the landlord in a useable state once more.

Minimal space requirements thanks to compact installations

Protection of the environment also means protection of the countryside at Deutsche Erdoel. Thanks to installations planned and constructed to compact dimensions they require very little space and encroachment on the landscape is reduced to a minimum.